Races of Muthos - Overview

Orcs, goblins, Bugbears, Bullywugs, gnomes, Kobolds, and Bladelings are all part of what is commonly referred to as the subhuman races. These races are thought to be mutations of Humans or cursed versions of humanity.

Please see Subhumans for detailed information.

Whereas Dwarves, Halflings, Warforged, elves, are all considered the prime races and in some cases splinters of the Humans. While Humans hold the most power these races are looked on kindly and treated as friends and often equals. The populations of these races are often sprinkled among Human communities. However, not for lack of trying, no cross breed of a prime race and Humans have ever been heard of or seen. Many believe that the gods do not wish it to be so.

The last group however are half-breeds Half-Humans, Shifters, and Revenants are a strange group. Both are somewhat common and often have a hard time fitting in; some see them as outcasts and bastards while others see them as something of a wonder, as no prime races has ever cross-bred. Each community seems to have their own views, while they may be second class citizens in most places they go the do not suffer the full wrath the subhumans feel.

See Half-breeds for more info.

Races of Muthos - Overview

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