Old World, The

An excerpt from The Tales of Narit Haneo: “A Collection”

I came across a woman in a hidden village near the place where the Great Snake meets the vast endless blue. According to the locals she was older than they had a number for, some said she had been one of the first born in the great tunnels…I question the authenticity of this report but none the less I am proud to report she was the most shriveled, wrinkled, decaying thing I have ever laid eyes on. If she had not spoke I would have surely take her for a corpse. But I digress…:

The Old World you say? Yes I can tell you much about that place, accursed as it was. The people that lived here before were much advanced they knew many sciences and much sorcery that the people have forgotten or lost to the Mist. Knowledge was needed to be lost for the betterment of all people.

A world that shone beyond compare and lights that burned brighter than the largest fires. The elders who pass on stories say that the Old World was filled with the wicked and corrupt and their powers grew to uncontrolled ferocity. You would do well not to think of them often as it is said they still reach through the Mist to tear at our souls. The souls that our world worked so hard to make pure again

Quite the fearful tribal she was, though her superstitions were perhaps not without proof.

We find remnants of the Old World are still commonly around us, fragments of stone or metal from long ago, though most is to small a quantity to be useful or beyond repair and usability. Some texts remain intact that give us small fragments of truth but these are closely guarded and valued by their owners.

While research has provided means to those of us with important truths to spread our words our current methods of ink cannot rival the Old World and their ability to mark words that last for eons.

Of course without the Traders to help us understand and use the great power and knowledge our ancient brothers we would have little but sharp sticks to help us survive in this new world.

- Narit pg. 34-35

Known or Translated Ancient words:
Sirkir = Sulfur
Crrurema = Chlorine

Old World, The

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