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Welcome to Muthos.

We will use this site as the main repository for all campaign related info provided it works as intended and everyone helps contribute.

The idea is that we will be able to keep logs and link back to Wiki pages about people, places, or anything else that would be helpful.

Also we will keep maps, tables, etc as referance as well so that everyone can view the same info and edit it as needed. Party treausry, special items, group notes should all be kept here by PCs

The World

The world of Muthos is not really a world, per se. “Muthos” is the name of the local area. Much like modern day, most people call the world by very prosaic names, such as “the world”, “the earth” or “creation”. Muthos consists of the area around the Great River—see the Maps area for more details. All the PCs are from this area!

*Itunde – a fairly typical small village on the shores of Lake Itunde
*Knupod – village on the shores of the Great River near to Itunde

*The Old World – rumors and history of the old world
*The Mother of Waters – Spirit/drug which possesses mortals.
*Hekatonkheires – monstrous things said to eat entire mountains

*Mac – PC
*Hawk-Eye – PC
*Erico TegridaNPC/PC

Adventure Log:
The Road to Itunde

Other setting Elements:
*Races – Races commonly seen in the area of Muthos
* Meta Game Info – Changes to the flavor of traditional D&D settings along with reskins of items or terms etc.

Game Calendar

We will attempt to get this calendar setup to help remind us when the next session is, like raid invites it should be assumed when we are playing but without invites it never quite works out.

Game Calendar

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