Lake Itunde

One of the larger lakes to the north of the Great River, the lake is freshwater and as such home to many edible fish and sea creatures. The lake is revered by locals as it is not fed directly by the Great River and none are sure how the water stays drinkable and sustains life. While the Great River suffers from many creatures that are Mist infected Lake Itunde does not have the same issues.

Many small tribes setup seasonal of nomadic camps near the lake but move with the seasons and game. The lake is also frequented by many subhumans and as such drives away many unprepared nomads.

The village of Itunde has done well on the lake and is one of the only known sustained communities, however the southern sections are not well documented or charted.

Traders regard the lake as a boon because it offers a source of fresh water and food as well as locals to conduct business with. The subhuman quarry it also provides, for those that are so inclined, is another favorite attraction for those that don’t mind taking their goods from subhuman camps and corpses.

Lake Itunde

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