Life in the village of Knupod…5 years ago things looked bright: the outside walls were sturdy and defensible, there was a good clean water supply right in the middle of the village, the mists hadn’t been seen in the area for a long time, and they even had sealed food stores, letting them insure against a bad year. But things quickly took a turn for the worse.

It started when the 3 Velhos decided to try draining part of the swamp to the southwest with ideas of using old world farming techniques to improve their foodstuffs and possibly become a large hub for traders. It seemed like a good idea; the blessing of the spirits via the shaman, Osario, saying that the crocodile and serpent spirits had left the area and moved on. Few questioned the revered shaman and his wisdom about such things.

The project hit many sangs, in the form of wild and feral beasts as well as orcs and various other mutants. Now, there was progress and the Velhos along with the shaman pressed on continuing to say the spirits willed it and that this was a test from them. With the project dragging on and on, the food stores gradually dwindled as labor that would have been used for hunting or farming was put into the drainage project.

But then came the yellow sickness: it came right as a major clash over the swamp drainage project was happening. Most of Knupod got sick, but there were only a few fatalities, thanks to the efforts of the village shaman and son. In the end it was only working age adults, who happened to be the people with the strongest objections to the drainage project, that seemed to succumb to the sickness. Many rumors spread about the coincedental deaths but in the end nothing could be substantiated and Bhuman and his son had done much to help the village so most were content to let the yellow sickness be left as a bad page in Knupod’s history.

It was also around this time that the traders started coming through the village in greater frequency. Word of the project reached up the Great River with many stories becoming wild tales of Knupod’s rich fields of old world wheat and salts.
Before, they would come twice a season, bringing trinkets and far-away goods, and taking trinkets the villagers would sometimes scavenge from the nearby ruins, or for the bulky foods and trade goods produced in the village. But now? The traders brought with them things that the villagers sorely needed: fertilizers, imperishable foods, medicines. And, more and more, the traders also brought weapons.

Upon seeing the dire state of Knupod the traders began gouging for the goods the village now desperatly needed. The seeds of revolution had been planted and took root becoming the uprising of the new young council who called themselves Maduchay, and old world word meaning change. This new youth council, using weapons bought from traders, advocated using (and in fact used) the nearby ruins to begin gathering things the traders were desperate for, gems, metal, artifacts and lore. They want the swamps to be left alone and for Knupod to focus on old world salvaging. The Velhos with Osario in tow preach an isolationist approach, completion of the swamp project and spreading Knupods borders to include neighboring villages and incorporating them into the Knupod way of life.

As it stand now the village is at a precipice, both sides have been relatively peaceful in their bid for the villages support but things have become more heated and the influx of weapons had made flares of violence erupt. The Maduchay and the Velhos both vie for control and look for ways to gain the upper hand.

Village Vital Statistics

  • Population : 790
  • Access to fresh water
  • Access to basic armor and weapon crafting
  • See also Knupod – Culture


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