Itunde is a village to the east of Knupod and sits on the banks of Lake Itunde, the area is surrounded by thick jungles and is under constant threat from enano raiding parties along with feral jungle cats and occasional aggression from the waters of Itunde.

Locals believe the the lake is inhabited by a water spirit who has grown angry. The few traders that have succesfully come from the north and crossed the thick jungles report that they are teaming with the enanos and that they may have some sort of source within the jungle.

Itunde and Knupod have been trading partners for many years, Itunde provides lake fish that are larger and better tasting than the river fish of Knupod. Itunde also had shown the ability to find rare flowers and trees within the jungle that provide medicines and building materials not commonly seen around Knupod. Itunde’s greatest resource however is the “Grease Snake” that lives in the marshy reeds to the south of the lake. The snake skin is can be dried, treated, and worked to provide material that provides a tough hide armor.

  • Population: 220
  • Low fresh water access, disease from drinking water is common
  • Traders have established a trail from Itunde to Knupod but it is not well maintained.


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