Hekatonkheires, the Night Walkers, the Lords of Hunger, the Loam Kings: in rumors of these beasts—if you can call them that—they go by many names. Little is known of them for sure, but there are a number of different tales that all feature a common thread: a walking mountain, with arms that grab and consume all in their path, leaving only only a wake of poisonous mushrooms and fungus that chokes the lungs in its wake.

Some of the rumors say that they come from the sea, returning there after they have fed to sleep again; others say they are the avatars of the Choking Forest, others that they are the dreams of the mist itself. In some stories they are driven away by flames, in others they consume it as readily as living matter.

Some stories talk of humans contacted by the Hekatonkheires to do their bidding; in other stories it is a contract. And in some stories, an infection.

However, the stories do contain one other consistent thread: all feature a white wolf who moves across the water like a mist, and whose fang can cut through even old world stone.


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