Mach's Trading Caravan

From the annals of Itunde
Written by Hawkeye- Consul to the Whitehair Shifters and registrar of Itunde

Today the Lake Peoples witness a bittersweet moment of our history. The creature that has been corrupting my brethren and forcing them to work alongside demonic Enanos has been destroyed. Myself along with Mach Multan Traza, the newly annointed Velhos of Knupod Erico, and trading company newcomer Seraph destroyed the aberrant beast and along with the water spirit of the lake rid the lake of its tainted presence, which we later learned corrupted a simple lake creature after a stone fell from the sky. With this great reprieve the Lake Peoples had to bid farewell to the heroes in Mach’s trading company, and with that came my desicison to leave the world of trading behind and stay and live a quieter life here in Itunde, where the risk of losing my brain to a corrupted tentacled lake beast is less likely. Along with Mach’s trading company’s investment into the economy of Itunde the town is set to regain its former footing and blossom as a stronghold of the Lake Peoples which now include a shaky but improving relationship between the Whitehair Shifters and the humans of the town.

There has been significant turmoil within Mach’s trading company as of late. Not only with my retirement, but we were also dismayed to find that our traveling companion Schaden is in fact a wanted criminal. A dwarf devoted to the God of Truth along with his travelling companion came from a rumored city to the north in search of Schaden and to bring him to justice. Unfortunately, the jungle’s law of survival of the fittest left the dwarf slain on the ground and Schaden escaped. But… at least he tried. After Schaden’s miraculous escape on foot alone through the jungle the dwarf’s companion, named Seraph, asked if he could join the trading group. After realizing that Schaden had not only betrayed our trust as warriors, but also stolen 200 gems of our hard-earned money, Mach made note in his little black ledger that Schaden must be “brought to justice” (i.e. compensated us for our losses)

The trading company was still short one man and Mach doing his best as an adept of the streets spent time in La Casa searching for another trader. Alphonse Flamel, an alchemist by trade and Druid by birth, was hired to fill out the ranks of the trading company’s newest investment: a trade caravan into this rumored city of the north. Alphonse was raised within the city, and along with Seraph will help aid in hunting down Seraph… and maybe earn the traders a little profit in the process.

Of Envoys and Eradication

Hawk-eye’s journal entry:

Over the last week or so Mach’s trading company and along with our deadly efficient ally Chikasha Whitehair have moved a large step forward in cleansing the area and the Lake Peoples of the corrupted water spirit. It is not quite clear yet but there is a connection between the water spirit and the corrupted tentacled monsters we have been fighting. I believe we have cleared away it’s minions and now we must face our toughest adversary yet…

Chikasha has rejoined his clan and Beothuk has decided to move south into Itunde to help the rebuilding efforts there. People in the area are wary of shifters after the attacks made against the village from mind-controlled feral shifters, and this plan will likely face some trouble, but it is an important effort of our defacto leader Mach Multun Traza.

After clearing the temple near the eastern border of the lake area our group has some much needed downtime coming our way. And what better way to spend downtime than making some use of all the relics we have found and spending the money we have looted… er, earned. Here is a list of the reagents we have at our disposal:

Magic Items: small cylindrical tube gold/rusty-red and blue vines inside, shoots sparks where cracked.
enano gleaming steel short sword-component or magic sword plus 1
Mist marked Scales qty 1(bullywug fight)
broken top half of bullywug mage cane, petrified tree root with crystal
cracked watery orb from enano wand,
finger bone small teeth chiselled out, key? MAGIC???
bag of healing powder-hawkeye and Schaden each carrying
dagger made of mist-marked-metal(+2)
Orb implement aura of water spirit*
Massive green skinned beast- Scales

2 bottles of sulfur
1 bottle of chlorine

as well as 509 gems, 9 trade goods and 60 scraps.

I can’t help but wonder if these scales that we have found could be made into a shield, or possibly even a suit of armor. I wonder what fantasies the others have dreamed up to use these reagents for.

As a side note, I feel it important to keep track of some information and people we have come across on our travels. I know not what it could mean, but in one of our temple excursions we found a strange ancient looking machine that held the words “Machholz Project”. I have a feeling this is too important to just be cast aside. We also had the opportunity to prove ourselves heroic traders as we helped release an imprisoned woman from the Enano temple that we have since cleared. Her name is Rochelle, a dark skinned woman from some faraway location. I hope to say one day our paths will cross again.

Current list of magic reagents
magic items reagents

So this is a current list of what magic items reagents we have that can later be forged into items.

*small cylindrical tube gold/rusty-red and blue vines inside, shoots sparks where cracked.
*enano gleaming steel short sword-component or magic sword +1(I think someone is currently using this as a sword right now, i forget who)
*Mist marked Scales qty 1
*broken top half of bullywug mage cane, petrified tree root with crystal
*cracked watery orb from enano wand

We also have the 2 bottles of sulfur and 1 bottle of chlorine. Not sure what we can do with those just yet, but they may be components.

Also of today just as a bookkeeping aside, we have a total of 60 scraps, 9 trade goods, and 259 gems that as yet have not been divided amongst ourselves. I guess technically Chickasha should get a share of the 183 gems since he helped us kill its former depositories (i.e. enanos and furbacks.)

One Moments Respite

This group has seen a lot in its short time together. If I knew teaming up with this trading group would encounter this much trouble I might have reconsidered. Ah hell, i’m writing this damn thing and I don’t even believe my own words, what else is there to do for a Shifter in this world anyway?

The lot of us have finally meandered our way back to our default “home” of Knupod. Seems only fitting as we carry with us a seminal son of Knupod with us, even if he does make things more difficult sometimes by shooting us all in the gol-dern face with poison quills! I guess he was just trying to help with that slippery varmint the grease snake and it’s mess of kin. I suppose I should learn to be tougher myself and easier on the man who can bring me back from death’s door. We have come home successful in our obligations to bring back grease snake skin for the Trader Zinade, as well as water from Itunde and the ever important information we gathered on the ultimate fate of Pietor the Dwarf’s trade caravan. I will be sure to remind my fellow traders of the people we met in Itunde, even though they were down right hateful of my kind. We rescued a gal named Regina and returned her to Itunde, met a few fellers worth remembering there namely Rog, as well as another group of traders named Vario, Mikolan, and Crush. Lene Yoash seemed a sensible leader of her town and people but ultimately we could not save her from the __feral___ shifter/enano plot that has enshrouded and basically destroyed Itunde. I am satisfied to say we have rid the area of a few beastly pups(Led by Chahta the Mad) as well as a few seemingly important enanos, priests and wizards and the like bending the will of the water and vines to their evil machinations.

We seem to be a unorganized lot, the four of us so far, but in our travels we have found some interesting pieces of the forgotten age as well as some items that can be manipulated to help us in our journeys forward. These include: *10 lbs of snake skin, a large 25 lb red snake egg (alive), 2 glass vials that swirl with a misty white glow-like liquid ice, we recovered a metal necklace with primitive fetishes worn by an enano priest, a shifter tooth of exceptional quality, and a 1 foot piece of blackheart wood from Iscario himself as reparations for our work.* Also, we have taken this down time to divvy out our combined monies we’ve earned so far. Each of the four of us has taken our share which ended up as 82 gems and 35 scraps each.

Our trade group seems to work well together despite our limited time together and known goals of its members, only time and fate will determine where we travel next. Will it be a kind-hearted quest to save part of the community, or will we simply trade our deadly services for the highest reward. Only time will tell.

A strange piece of primitive magic from the grease snake battle has ensconced itself on each of us in a …. unique way. While this seems to be beneficial to us for now, I feel uneasy about it all somehow… unsettled. When the snake was in its death-throes it released some sort of permanent toxin that grafted itself onto our skin. A piece of the slime got past my shield and has latched on to make a pointed design around my throat directly under the chin.

The Road to Itunde

“Well, I guess I’ve put my faith into this group of yahoos,” Hawk-eye thought to himself after waking bloody and bruised with many crude stab wounds and one large gash from a vicious battle axe across his chest. After falling amid combat Hawk-eye felt a pang of guilt as he was unable to protect his friend/employer Mach the tinkerer and his new travelling mates Schaden and Erico.

“It would seem you fellers did alright without me.” Hawkeye mused as Erico and Mach both attended to his recovery from the brink of death. Mach the tinkerer Bard, Schaden the dark and mysterious Blackguard-someone I’m glad to have next to me rather than staring across from me, and Erico son of Osario the Shaman finished the group’s first battle in the jungle; a fight we felt necessary after seeing a group of sub-humans-grubby little Enanos- about to murder a pretty woman on the ground.

Our foray into the jungle has been asked of us by Osario the Elder of the town of Knupod. We have been dispatched through the wilds to investigate the disappearance of a trade caravan helmed, we have heard, by a Dwarf named Pietor. It wasn’t the most heroic of tasks to bring together our rag tag group of misfits, but it was enough to choose to group together and seek our destinies in the wild (whatever that means to each of us)

In addition, Triknow Zenade of the trade house in Itunde has tasked us to find grease snakes on our adventure in hopes of making some high quality armor. Some hide that I myself might find very useful indeed.

-Day 1 journal of The Named, Hawk-eye


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