Lene Yoash

Matron of Itunde


Lene Yaosh

Former leader and matron of the village of Itunde. Lene was born within the walls of the very longhouse where she hosted the party for a night, feeding them the traditional smoked fish of Itune.

Lene was dark skinned with the same green eyes of most Itundians, however hers were beginning to fade and become glazed over with the wear of age upon them. Lene was in her mid fifties, quite a ripe age for someone in the jungle.

After serving Itunde for many years she came across the party when they brought back the remains of Piotor and a dying Regina Tremme. She asked the traders to assist her and the village before it was to late.

As the party took time to explore and battle a giant snake Lene was captured, along with several others, and taken to a cave to the south.

During the trek she was beaten and dragged, having both her legs broken and multiple cuts, scrapes, and bruises. When she was found in the cell in the hole by the group she was not doing well and could not walks.

Despite their best efforts Lene was too frail and too worn to sustain the injuries that she had. She survived to see Itunde once more and was happy that he final breaths could be drawn in freedom in her home.

She is survived by Gere Yoash

Lene Yoash

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