Erico Tegrida

Son of Knupod.Spirit Talker.


Erico was born and raised in the village of Knupod and has faithfully served by his father’s side since he was a child. His father, Osario, is a powerful Shaman and has taught his son the way to speak to the spirits of the land, jungle, and beyond.

Erico is not brawny or or great with words but he is wise beyond his years and the hard life in a jungle community have toughened him and made him quick on his feet. His youth was spent learning and researching and as such he knows much about the land and his village along with what he has gleaned from passing Traders.

His spirit beast takes the form of a black jaguar with a yellow masked face, he says that it embodies his ancestors and those who died to carve out Knupod.

He joins the party and will be a stalwart ally.

Erico Tegrida

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