Beothuk Arapaho Whitehair

Father of the Whitehair clan


Beothuk Arapaho Whitehair stands around 6 feet in height and is older, he has more wolf like features than the younger of his tribe. He hunches over slightly but carries himself as a warrior would, in his younger days he must have been quite fierce. He has a distinctive white streak of hair that begins at the top of his head, down his mane, and along his back.

Beothuk’s Story:

Many moon cycles ago my grand-father traveled from the mountainous southern reaches, past the great boiled earth, and across the great river to come to the area you call Muthos. We settled near the lake to the south that you have since named Itunde. There were no humans there then, we were at peace and in harmony with the jungle and the waters. The water spirit blessed our tribe with good hunting and plentiful fishing. Our tribe prospered along the waters edge and we hoped to establish a large shifter community for the area.
As my father passed the leadership of the tribe to me we saw the rise of the human village along the north shores of the Lake. The humans were no bother to us and were good to the Lake. As time passed they grew more bold and expanded the borders of their village, cutting and burning the jungle to make room for huts and fields. We were removed and ignored them as we began to have problems on our shores. Several of my people had grow sick with a malady that had not been seen in our many years in the jungle. Fevers that could not be controlled, hallucinations, ramblings and visions plagued the victims. Our tribal medicine man could find no cause or cure for the condition and as such we set them afloat on the Lake to be reclaimed by the spirit, with hopes that she could give them peace and guide them to the next life.
The cases were sporadic but became more frequent until the tribe was in a panic; my own son, Abenaki, succumbed to the sickness and would ramble at length about the power he could feel calling him. He would leave at night and began telling me he had found enanos that were to help him and would give him the power he deserved. I tried to reason with him but his eyes were filled with madness, yet he was lucid and coherent. He spoke to me of the greater calling of the tribe and the power that his “Sunken God” was offering our tribe, he asked me to come with him to an enano temple to the north and accept his god as my own. He showed me his hands where he had branded himself with the symbol he said the god presented itself to him as…a flat line, a sign for the lakes waters, over a crescent moon and a single eye, depicting the god just below the surface.
I refused him and tried to shake him from the madness that had him ensnared. He attacked but I managed to fight him off, not before he revealed his new powers to me in the form of many vine like appendages that sprouted from his back and knocked me away with unnatural strength.

And now I sit before you, tribe broken and nearly all lost to the “god”, the creature below the lake. Those few that did not break or were not killed you see before you, we will survive and we will find a way to destroy that which has taken so much from our people. The Lake must be returned to it’s natural state….

He trails off as he stares into the fire.

Beothuk Arapaho Whitehair

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