The Road to Itunde

“Well, I guess I’ve put my faith into this group of yahoos,” Hawk-eye thought to himself after waking bloody and bruised with many crude stab wounds and one large gash from a vicious battle axe across his chest. After falling amid combat Hawk-eye felt a pang of guilt as he was unable to protect his friend/employer Mach the tinkerer and his new travelling mates Schaden and Erico.

“It would seem you fellers did alright without me.” Hawkeye mused as Erico and Mach both attended to his recovery from the brink of death. Mach the tinkerer Bard, Schaden the dark and mysterious Blackguard-someone I’m glad to have next to me rather than staring across from me, and Erico son of Osario the Shaman finished the group’s first battle in the jungle; a fight we felt necessary after seeing a group of sub-humans-grubby little Enanos- about to murder a pretty woman on the ground.

Our foray into the jungle has been asked of us by Osario the Elder of the town of Knupod. We have been dispatched through the wilds to investigate the disappearance of a trade caravan helmed, we have heard, by a Dwarf named Pietor. It wasn’t the most heroic of tasks to bring together our rag tag group of misfits, but it was enough to choose to group together and seek our destinies in the wild (whatever that means to each of us)

In addition, Triknow Zenade of the trade house in Itunde has tasked us to find grease snakes on our adventure in hopes of making some high quality armor. Some hide that I myself might find very useful indeed.

-Day 1 journal of The Named, Hawk-eye



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