One Moments Respite

This group has seen a lot in its short time together. If I knew teaming up with this trading group would encounter this much trouble I might have reconsidered. Ah hell, i’m writing this damn thing and I don’t even believe my own words, what else is there to do for a Shifter in this world anyway?

The lot of us have finally meandered our way back to our default “home” of Knupod. Seems only fitting as we carry with us a seminal son of Knupod with us, even if he does make things more difficult sometimes by shooting us all in the gol-dern face with poison quills! I guess he was just trying to help with that slippery varmint the grease snake and it’s mess of kin. I suppose I should learn to be tougher myself and easier on the man who can bring me back from death’s door. We have come home successful in our obligations to bring back grease snake skin for the Trader Zinade, as well as water from Itunde and the ever important information we gathered on the ultimate fate of Pietor the Dwarf’s trade caravan. I will be sure to remind my fellow traders of the people we met in Itunde, even though they were down right hateful of my kind. We rescued a gal named Regina and returned her to Itunde, met a few fellers worth remembering there namely Rog, as well as another group of traders named Vario, Mikolan, and Crush. Lene Yoash seemed a sensible leader of her town and people but ultimately we could not save her from the __feral___ shifter/enano plot that has enshrouded and basically destroyed Itunde. I am satisfied to say we have rid the area of a few beastly pups(Led by Chahta the Mad) as well as a few seemingly important enanos, priests and wizards and the like bending the will of the water and vines to their evil machinations.

We seem to be a unorganized lot, the four of us so far, but in our travels we have found some interesting pieces of the forgotten age as well as some items that can be manipulated to help us in our journeys forward. These include: *10 lbs of snake skin, a large 25 lb red snake egg (alive), 2 glass vials that swirl with a misty white glow-like liquid ice, we recovered a metal necklace with primitive fetishes worn by an enano priest, a shifter tooth of exceptional quality, and a 1 foot piece of blackheart wood from Iscario himself as reparations for our work.* Also, we have taken this down time to divvy out our combined monies we’ve earned so far. Each of the four of us has taken our share which ended up as 82 gems and 35 scraps each.

Our trade group seems to work well together despite our limited time together and known goals of its members, only time and fate will determine where we travel next. Will it be a kind-hearted quest to save part of the community, or will we simply trade our deadly services for the highest reward. Only time will tell.

A strange piece of primitive magic from the grease snake battle has ensconced itself on each of us in a …. unique way. While this seems to be beneficial to us for now, I feel uneasy about it all somehow… unsettled. When the snake was in its death-throes it released some sort of permanent toxin that grafted itself onto our skin. A piece of the slime got past my shield and has latched on to make a pointed design around my throat directly under the chin.


The misty white Gem has been turned into a frost great axe for Schaden, the wood and small skin has been made into the fire ammunition for Mach, and the Shifter tooth and necklace have been made into the amulet of resolution for Hawk-eye.

One Moments Respite

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