Of Envoys and Eradication

Hawk-eye’s journal entry:

Over the last week or so Mach’s trading company and along with our deadly efficient ally Chikasha Whitehair have moved a large step forward in cleansing the area and the Lake Peoples of the corrupted water spirit. It is not quite clear yet but there is a connection between the water spirit and the corrupted tentacled monsters we have been fighting. I believe we have cleared away it’s minions and now we must face our toughest adversary yet…

Chikasha has rejoined his clan and Beothuk has decided to move south into Itunde to help the rebuilding efforts there. People in the area are wary of shifters after the attacks made against the village from mind-controlled feral shifters, and this plan will likely face some trouble, but it is an important effort of our defacto leader Mach Multun Traza.

After clearing the temple near the eastern border of the lake area our group has some much needed downtime coming our way. And what better way to spend downtime than making some use of all the relics we have found and spending the money we have looted… er, earned. Here is a list of the reagents we have at our disposal:

Magic Items: small cylindrical tube gold/rusty-red and blue vines inside, shoots sparks where cracked.
enano gleaming steel short sword-component or magic sword plus 1
Mist marked Scales qty 1(bullywug fight)
broken top half of bullywug mage cane, petrified tree root with crystal
cracked watery orb from enano wand,
finger bone small teeth chiselled out, key? MAGIC???
bag of healing powder-hawkeye and Schaden each carrying
dagger made of mist-marked-metal(+2)
Orb implement aura of water spirit*
Massive green skinned beast- Scales

2 bottles of sulfur
1 bottle of chlorine

as well as 509 gems, 9 trade goods and 60 scraps.

I can’t help but wonder if these scales that we have found could be made into a shield, or possibly even a suit of armor. I wonder what fantasies the others have dreamed up to use these reagents for.

As a side note, I feel it important to keep track of some information and people we have come across on our travels. I know not what it could mean, but in one of our temple excursions we found a strange ancient looking machine that held the words “Machholz Project”. I have a feeling this is too important to just be cast aside. We also had the opportunity to prove ourselves heroic traders as we helped release an imprisoned woman from the Enano temple that we have since cleared. Her name is Rochelle, a dark skinned woman from some faraway location. I hope to say one day our paths will cross again.


Schaden stole 200 gems from total, that bastard!

Of Envoys and Eradication

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