Mach's Trading Caravan

From the annals of Itunde
Written by Hawkeye- Consul to the Whitehair Shifters and registrar of Itunde

Today the Lake Peoples witness a bittersweet moment of our history. The creature that has been corrupting my brethren and forcing them to work alongside demonic Enanos has been destroyed. Myself along with Mach Multan Traza, the newly annointed Velhos of Knupod Erico, and trading company newcomer Seraph destroyed the aberrant beast and along with the water spirit of the lake rid the lake of its tainted presence, which we later learned corrupted a simple lake creature after a stone fell from the sky. With this great reprieve the Lake Peoples had to bid farewell to the heroes in Mach’s trading company, and with that came my desicison to leave the world of trading behind and stay and live a quieter life here in Itunde, where the risk of losing my brain to a corrupted tentacled lake beast is less likely. Along with Mach’s trading company’s investment into the economy of Itunde the town is set to regain its former footing and blossom as a stronghold of the Lake Peoples which now include a shaky but improving relationship between the Whitehair Shifters and the humans of the town.

There has been significant turmoil within Mach’s trading company as of late. Not only with my retirement, but we were also dismayed to find that our traveling companion Schaden is in fact a wanted criminal. A dwarf devoted to the God of Truth along with his travelling companion came from a rumored city to the north in search of Schaden and to bring him to justice. Unfortunately, the jungle’s law of survival of the fittest left the dwarf slain on the ground and Schaden escaped. But… at least he tried. After Schaden’s miraculous escape on foot alone through the jungle the dwarf’s companion, named Seraph, asked if he could join the trading group. After realizing that Schaden had not only betrayed our trust as warriors, but also stolen 200 gems of our hard-earned money, Mach made note in his little black ledger that Schaden must be “brought to justice” (i.e. compensated us for our losses)

The trading company was still short one man and Mach doing his best as an adept of the streets spent time in La Casa searching for another trader. Alphonse Flamel, an alchemist by trade and Druid by birth, was hired to fill out the ranks of the trading company’s newest investment: a trade caravan into this rumored city of the north. Alphonse was raised within the city, and along with Seraph will help aid in hunting down Seraph… and maybe earn the traders a little profit in the process.



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