Current list of magic reagents

magic items reagents

So this is a current list of what magic items reagents we have that can later be forged into items.

*small cylindrical tube gold/rusty-red and blue vines inside, shoots sparks where cracked.
*enano gleaming steel short sword-component or magic sword +1(I think someone is currently using this as a sword right now, i forget who)
*Mist marked Scales qty 1
*broken top half of bullywug mage cane, petrified tree root with crystal
*cracked watery orb from enano wand

We also have the 2 bottles of sulfur and 1 bottle of chlorine. Not sure what we can do with those just yet, but they may be components.

Also of today just as a bookkeeping aside, we have a total of 60 scraps, 9 trade goods, and 259 gems that as yet have not been divided amongst ourselves. I guess technically Chickasha should get a share of the 183 gems since he helped us kill its former depositories (i.e. enanos and furbacks.)



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