The Muthos Campaign

If you read nothing else on this site, watch this to get an extra cheesy feel for the world: (…)

The area of Muthos is where the story begins, the area consists of roughly 1850 sq. miles of land with main land mark being the “Great River” or “Great Serpent” that cuts through the jungle. Many tribes worship this river as a god and a primal force not to be trifled with.

The land is populated with many ruins of the old world, however the Jungle has reclaimed and buried many of the ruins. Buildings are fallen and the ground has sunken away and been recovered over the years making most ruins hard to find without extensive knowledge of terrain or access to the few precious old world maps.

Most of the population lives and operates as small tribal communities of villages with a few growing to a size considered a town (1000+). Some are simply patchwork huts of a few families centered around an area that are very closed off and tight knit.

The world as a whole is disconnected and lacks much in the way of unifying ideologies, religions, governments, or customs. The only constants are the basic survival needs and the Traders.

As we go on the sections will be updated with more info and detail on particular groups, places, or events. But the goal is for everyone to be able to and participate in adding to and enhancing the wiki. Players should feel free to use the wiki for notes or other information they want to include.

If you have some wild hair to write side stories or sub histories go for it, as long as you are making fundamental changes to the structure of the world (“K this town is sitting on a heap of weapons and all died, we want to go there.”)



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